Electric Open Mic

Electric Open Mic records with a Mac laptop connected via firewire to a MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) 828MkII.

I can record up to 20 simultaneous tracks to an external firewire hard drive. Recorded tracks are typically backed up to a second hard drive during breaks.

I record in either Cuebase or Nuendo or occasionally AudioDesk at a sample rate of 44100. I record to 24 bit AIFF or Wave files. These can be imported into any audio mixing software, such as Garage Band, Audacity, ProTools, Logic, etc.

I can provide all needed microphones, or I can take a split from the front of house feed. I have multiple Jensen transformer isolated mic splitters with either XLR or DB25 inputs and outputs.

Headphone monitoring with Aviom personal monitor mixers.

Available mics and possible applications include ...
Sennheiser e835 and e935s for vocals. (Shure SM58s also available.)
Audix D-6s for kick drum and/or bass cab
Sennheiser e604 clip on drum mics
Rode NT5s or Shure SM81s for drum overheads
Sennheiser MD 441 for snare
Royer R122 or Shure KSM137 or Studio Projects C1 for guitar cab. (SM57s also available.)
Studio Projects LSD-2 for stereo room micing
Audio-Technica AT4060 for higher end vocals

The mic collection continues to expand. The examples above are only the most frequent applications of the various mics.